Why we’ve signed the Fair Funerals Pledge

When someone close to you passes away, it’s normal to experience a wide range of conflicting emotions. Grief and sadness can mix with happy moments as you remember special moments shared together and even relief that they are no longer experiencing any pain. This can be a confusing and very difficult time, made even harder if the funeral you now face planning is one that you cannot afford.

Funeral poverty is where the price of a funeral goes beyond a person’s ability to pay. According to the Fair Funerals Campaign, 12% of people in the UK struggled to pay for a funeral during 2019. Fair Funerals believes that everyone should be able to access a dignified and meaningful send-off, without having to worry about the associated financial burden.

We support this belief too, which is why we are proud to have been the first funeral director to sign up and support the Fair Funerals Pledge 2020. We have committed to the Extended Pledge, which means we make our prices clearly available on our website and other communications.

Darryl Smith, General Manager of the Heart of England Co-operative’s Funerals Division, says: “We all want to give our loved ones the send-off we feel they would have wanted. Many client families have little experience in arranging a funeral, which is why we believe it is the responsibility of every funeral director to outline a full range of services designed to suit varying financial circumstances. This way, clients are not unwittingly taking on more financial responsibility than they can handle.”

The Fair Funerals Pledge relaunched this year and funeral directors who sign it are committing to help people find a funeral that is within their means; be open about the price of their services and third party costs; and explain clearly the amount of deposit required and when this and the final balance would be due.

By signing the Fair Funerals Pledge, we are part of a community of funeral directors who agree to put transparency and honesty at the centre of our work.

Our Pre-Paid Plans are a simple way of paying towards the cost of your funeral in advance, to ensure that the financial burden is not passed onto your loved ones. It’s also a great way of recording your personal wishes in detail. Our Funeral Directors will use their expert knowledge to guide you through the entire planning process, choosing the right options for you. You can protect yourself and your family from the rising costs of a funeral in the future by securing the cost of yours today. You can even choose one single payment or spread the cost over a set period of monthly payments.

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