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At Heart of England Co-op Funerals, our promise is to help you arrange and plan a funeral with care, respect, clarity and reassurance. Our friendly team of professionals are here to help you thoughtfully arrange a special tribute that is unique to the life of a family member, friend or loved one.

When was Heart of England Co-op Funerals established?

The history of Heart of England dates back to 1832, when a group of nine men, believed to be ribbon weavers, launched a great democratic experiment. These men went on to form the Lockhurst Lane Industrial Co-operative Society in the Parish of Foleshill, Coventry. Their idea was to provide working families with decent-quality food, clothes and other goods at affordable prices, allowing them the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to their community through their work.

This society was the first Co-operative to be successfully set up in this region and was amongst the very first Co-operative Societies in the country. It merged with the Coventry Society in 1968 and later became part of the Coventry & East Mercia Co-operative Society. On January 1st 2000 the Society changed its name to the Heart of England Co-operative Society in order to more accurately reflect the area in which the Society now trades.

What is the difference between Heart of England Co-op Funerals and The Co-op Funeralcare?

Despite the similarity in name, we at Heart of England Co-op Funerals share no affiliation with The Co-op Funeralcare. While we’re both co-operatives (a business which is owned and controlled by our members) there are no connections between the two beyond having the same type of businesses. As such, if you’re looking to arrange a funeral, it’s worth double-checking before making an appointment that you’re contacting the right co-operative society, as funeral home locations, pricing, and funeral options will differ between ourselves and other Co-op’s.

Note: We also know that, in cases where deaths are sudden, or they occur outside of the home, you may be asked by hospital or care home staff who you’d like to take the body into care. In this instance, local staff looking after your loved one may make a funeral director recommendation and could be unclear as to whether they mean Heart of England or The Co-op when they say ‘Co-op Funerals’. To avoid any obscurity, we recommend asking staff whether they mean ourselves, or The Co-op, so that you can familiarise yourself with the options available to you prior to your initial appointment with us.

Why choose Heart of England Co-op Funerals?

Here at Heart of England Co-op Funerals, we promise to be there every step of the way, from the initial consultation following the loss of a loved one, all the way to executing plans on the day of the funeral itself. Support and communication are the main pillars of our service, so we will keep you fully informed throughout the process so you never feel at a loss of what to do next. Our team will give you all the time you need to feel confident in the choices you are making, ensuring we explain all of the options available, working together with you to create a truly unique and personalised service.

Listening carefully to the wishes of the deceased, we work with you and your family to craft a send-off that encapsulates their life, offering complete choice and flexibility in your arrangements. We will ensure all documentation is written in easy-to-understand terms and will provide you with a detailed list of estimated charges in a fair and straightforward way.

We know the service we provide can only be as good as the people who look after you and your family. That is why we continually invest in our team to ensure we provide a professional and respectful service to all. To support this, we only recruit those who demonstrate the behaviours required in our business and ensure they take part in regular training and hold accredited professional qualifications as well as undergoing a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check.

When do Heart of England Co-op Funerals open?

We are open and available to answer any questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you’ll always have someone to talk to. We also have links with a national network of other Co-operative funeral homes, as well as local knowledge, so we can help no matter where or when you need us. If you’re looking to talk to a local funeral home that’s part of our network, either to set plans in place for the future or because you need arrangement help now, visit our main Funeral Homes page to see all the locations we cover.

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All of our colleagues take great pride in our reputation for providing an individual, personal and caring service, so if you’re searching for the right funeral director to help arrange a service for a loved one, contact us today.


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