Types of Funeral

A funeral is the most common way to celebrate and honour the life of a loved one, as it provides family and friends with one final opportunity to say their goodbyes. The types of funerals and common rituals that take place can vary depending on a range of factors. This could include the specific wishes of the person who has died, their culture and religion.

Should I Choose a Burial or Cremation Service?

Burial and cremation are currently the two most common types of funeral in the UK. Whether you choose one or the other is down to your own personal preference. The type of funeral held is usually decided by the deceased before they pass, but this can also be chosen by the family if a decision has not been predetermined. However, both burial and cremation services can follow the commemorative funeral service once this has been held. Find out more about these two funeral ceremonies below.

What is a Burial? 

Burials take place after the main funeral service when the coffin or casket is lowered into the grave. This part of the ceremony is often short and is attended by any mourners who wish to pay their respects to the deceased. However, some choose to have this part of the service limited to immediate family. 

What happens at a Burial Service?

Burials are a common choice when it comes to a loved one’s funeral, as this provides a grave for visitors to pay their respects and honour the memory of the deceased. What happens at a burial can vary depending on the individual wishes of the deceased and their family. In most cases, some words are shared and there’s an opportunity for attendees to scatter soil into the grave. Depending on the religious beliefs of the deceased, the burial service can also include readings, prayers, hymns and more.

What happens during a Cremation Service?

Cremation is the most popular choice for many of our families, with 80% to 90% choosing a cremation over a burial. A funeral service in a church or special location can take place prior to the committal service at the crematorium, but many families these days tend to hold the full service at the crematorium chapel for people to attend and pay their respects. Cremation has become an increasingly popular choice, as this allows loved ones’ to keep their deceased family members’ ashes in a meaningful place or create them into something special such as a piece of jewellery that can be worn. There are a number of remarkable things that you can do with the ashes of a loved one to celebrate their legacy and treasure their memory. 

The Cost of a Burial vs Cremation

When it comes to choosing between the two, a cremation is often a more affordable option. This is because it doesn’t come with the added cost of purchasing a burial plot. Even if you’re looking to buy a small plot to have the ashes buried, this still tends to be more affordable than purchasing a grave plot.

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