Funeral Stationery & Keepsakes

The perfect finishing touch to a meaningful send off, at Heart of England, we have a selection of funeral stationery and keepsakes that can be provided at your, or your loved one’s funeral service for guests to take home and treasure. From order of service booklets to memorial pins, cards and more, we’ve provided a comprehensive list of the funeral stationery available below.

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What is funeral stationery?

There are a number of funeral stationery items you can organise in memory of the deceased ahead of the funeral. The main item is an Order of Service booklet, which details the service itself, including selected poetry, hymns and any photographs. This can be given to everyone at the funeral, as well as any family and friends who were unable to attend, giving them an opportunity to say their private, final goodbyes. We also have an assortment of matching stationery that can accompany the Order of Service, such as books of condolence (available in both small and large sizes), encapsulated bookmarks, memorial cards, attendance cards and laminated keepsake cards. 

What do you put in an order of service for a funeral?

From helping the funeral run smoothly to providing a unique and special keepsake for your friends and family, we’re dedicated to providing a high quality booklet for the funeral service.  The cover of the order of service itself includes the full name, a photo, the birth and death date of the deceased, as well as the date and address of the funeral. This can also be personalised to include anything you’d like to remember your loved one by, whether this is a hymn, photo, reading or something else entirely.

We have a range of different pre-made designs to choose from, however, if you have something in mind that you would like to discuss with your local Heart of England funeral home, don’t hesitate to let us know, as each Order of Service is unique. 

How many pages should an order of service be?

Though there are not enough words to describe the life that your loved one led, and an order of service should by no means be seen as the final summary of a life well-lived, the booklet itself tends to be around 8 pages long. However, since there’s no requirement for a specific minimum or maximum number of pages, this can be longer or shorter depending on the type of content that you would like to include. 

How do you format an order of service?

A completely bespoke service, our dedicated team of graphic designers will create a unique layout and style that accurately meets your preferences. Meanwhile, these booklets are printed on a premium card. Whether you or your loved one would prefer an elegant, nature-inspired motif, a meaningful printed pattern or a religious design, we have a full range of bespoke designs and colours to choose from so this can be created exactly to your taste. 

Funeral memories & keepsakes

If you’re looking for a small, personalised keepsake that will help your loved one’s memory live on, our memorial collection at Heart of England could provide exactly what you need to carry them with you. We’ve detailed some of our most popular options below, or you can read more in the funeral keepsakes section of our full brochure.

Memory pins 

With the option to choose from a wide range of shapes and colours, you can select a memory pin that you feel best represents your loved one’s lifetime. These can be worn during the funeral and kept as a memento after the service. To help keep your pin safe, each comes with its own drawstring pouch. 

Memorial seeds

Another lovely keepsake, each of our memorial seeds contains a folded four page card in a cellophane package, with your choice of seeds, including forget-me-not seeds, poppy, sunflower, wildflower, daisy, pansy, as well as an accompanying poem. Please note that planting instructions are provided on the pack and are available with or without a photo. 

Keepsake cards

Designed to fit comfortably inside your purse or wallet with the option to choose from any text, poem, verse or quote inside and on the reverse. Available in a range of designs, our keepsake cards at Heart of England include religious and non-religious options. These also have a gloss finish for protection and come supplied with envelopes. 

Canvas prints

Available in small, medium and large, our canvas prints come in a variety of different sizes to suit you or your loved one’s preference, and also come in landscape or portrait. These can also be produced in full colour or black and white depending on your design requirements.

From funeral orders of service to attendance cards, find out more information including an accurate size guide and FAQs in the funeral stationery section of our funeral booklet. Choose from our range of funeral stationery and mementos and allow your loved one’s memory to live on. If you need some guidance in deciding on the right funeral stationery for you, reach out to your local funeral home team.

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