Funeral Coffins and Caskets

Choosing a coffin or casket is an important step in the process of organising a funeral. At Heart of England, there are a wide range of options available to choose from, including traditional, sustainable and picture coffins. We aim to reflect and celebrate an individual’s life, creating a personalised funeral service that is fully tailored to them. If you’re searching for a coffin for yourself or a loved one, we recommend looking through our ‘Your Guide to our Funeral Services’ brochure. If a specific design has caught your eye, speak to your local Heart of England funeral home and our teams will be happy to assist you.

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What is the difference between coffins and caskets?

The main difference between coffins and caskets are their shape. While a coffin gets wider at the shoulders and appears thinner towards the feet, a casket follows a more rectangular shape. Meanwhile, our casket options are generally priced higher compared to our standard wooden coffins due to the fact they often have a higher quality construction. However, either choice is appropriate for funerals. No matter which one you choose, there’s no right or wrong answer, and our team of dedicated funeral home staff can help you decide on the best option for you.

How much are basic coffins?

Our coffins are made from a number of different materials, prices and styles, and range from £260 to £1,400 in price. While the lower-priced coffins include the more basic styles and materials, the mid-range options features include picture and printed coffins, and the higher-end choices include solid timber offerings and our casket collection. If you’re looking for further advice on the different coffins or caskets, speak to your local funeral home.

What are the different types of coffin? 

We also offer a range of casket options, including The Westminster, American Style caskets, and The Canterbury. Browse our collection of coffins and caskets in our brochure and choose from a number of designs, materials and colours to suit your or your loved ones’ preferences. 

What do you line a coffin with?

Coffins are usually lined with gowns, which are available in a range of light colours. You can also request specific colours and designs to be used. Our standard coffin gown sets come included with the price of each of our coffins. We’re also able to dress the deceased in their own clothes if requested, but these are subject to certain regulations when choosing cremation, which your local funeral home team will keep you informed on.

Deciding on a lining

If you’re not sure where to start when deciding on a lining, our team is happy to assist you. However, to help aid the decision process, we have also listed some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a coffin gown. You can also take a look at our coffin lining options on our brochure for further information.

Our experienced colleagues can help assist you to find the right coffin or casket that is suited to your, or your loved ones’ wishes.

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