Funeral Finishing Touches

Funerals should reflect the life of the deceased in an accurate and memorable way, being unique to the individual in both their concept and creation. From well-loved traditions, to more contemporary finishing touches, or a unique blend of both, there are a number of thoughtful additions that can be incorporated into the funeral to make this a completely bespoke service. Find out more about what we can provide below or you can contact your local funeral home.

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How can you make a funeral more personal?

A traditional funeral service can be made more personal by adding some finishing touches. Whether you’re looking for something to add extra character, or to help the memory of your loved one live on, you can choose to add multiple elements that can help reflect their lifetime.

Finishing Touches

Whether you choose to say a final goodbye to your loved one through funeral doves, or wish to hire a videographer to live-stream the service for those who can’t attend, browse our funeral finishing touches below. 

Funeral doves

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but some comfort can be found in making a symbolic gesture shortly after the service. The release of doves will represent you or your loved one’s spirit being carried away on the wings of the birds. Symbolising the onward journey of the deceased to the afterlife, once the doves have been released, attendees can watch them fly away, free and at peace. This special send-off can be included in your service, with costs starting at £150. 


If you would prefer a finishing touch with more cultural significance, bagpipes are a great way to add character to the service while giving your loved one a purposeful send off. The sounds of the bagpipes are said to accompany those who have reached the end of their journey, helping direct the soul of the deceased towards the gates of heaven. A piper can be hired when making arrangements, with prices starting at £150.

What songs do they play at funerals on the bagpipes?

Though this can vary, the song ‘going home’ is a common choice to be played on the bagpipes at funerals. This well-known song is most often played at military and civilian funerals. However, there are other traditional songs and music that can be played on the bagpipes at the service. This can be discussed either over the phone or in person with your local funeral home team. 


A similar concept to other occasions, such as weddings, we can organise filming, live-streaming or photography of the funeral service. The content taken on the day can be shared with those who can’t attend, and the footage can be kept after the service and rewatched as many times as you wish. Funeral videography will cost upwards of £265 (plus travel expenses). However, prices of this can vary depending on the location and set up required. 

Funeral Events

If you’re looking to turn the funeral into a larger-scale event, this can be done through a number of ways. Whether you’re looking for a firework display that reflects the personality of your loved one, or you’re searching for something more unique, such as a drone to scatter the ashes from a height, we can help cater to your wishes. We can also assist you in organising a suitable venue for catering after the service. 


Our aim is to provide a personalised send off that closely reflects the personality and wishes of the deceased. As a result, the farewell event and fireworks display can be planned in a bespoke way and can be done using various approaches to enable an event of this scale to take place. 

Our team can show you some ideas on how the firework display can be tailored to suit individual requirements. For instance, displays can be synchronised to the favourite music pieces of the deceased, or supported by other additional features, such as a champagne toast. Since this is a large-scale arrangement catered to the individual, the price of the display is available on a price-on-application basis. If you’re interested, contact your closest Heart of England branch to discuss this further.

Aerial ashes

This involves the scattering of the ashes by licensed and insured drones that are flown by  trained pilots. Covering a large area holding a special meaning to the family, this method can be used to disperse ashes over the sea, waterways, or high altitude releases. The release of this can be upwards of £895, while an additional drone to record the release starts from £420.


We can assist with the booking of catering facilities, ranging from a large hotel to a local function room. Alternatively, we can also provide an outside caterer for a reception in your own home. Speak to us regarding your catering requirements and we can help assist you with this.

Whether your funeral requirements are big or small, speak to us today or read our brochure below for further information.

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