Tailor-made Pre-Paid Funeral

The Heart of England Co-op Funerals team of funeral directors are experienced and passionate about providing you with the right funeral for you and your loved ones. We will work closely with you to listen, advise and guide you through the process to create the perfect tailor-made funeral service.

A custom prepaid funeral plan allows you to fully express your personality in a unique goodbye to your loved ones. Every decision you wish to make can be individual to you and can be paid for at today’s price, ensuring there are no surprise additional costs for your family or loved ones when the time comes. Arrange a meeting with one of our professional funeral directors to discuss every fine detail of the funeral service you would like. Whether you want a traditional funeral, an eco-friendly one or something more modern, we are here to help.

Our custom funeral plan service can be pre-paid as a means for you to take care of your funeral arrangements before you pass.Whether you want to arrange the basics to assist your family in planning when the time comes, or if you wish to plan each and every individual small detail from colour schemes and flowers, to music and poems, we can help you to arrange the perfect send off for you with our custom pre-paid funeral plans.

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