Planning a funeral while you’re grieving the loss of a loved one can be a stressful and tiring process. This is why we are here to help guide you through this process and hopefully help to alleviate your concerns. Our comprehensive price list can help you prepare and consider the options when planning a funeral, whether preparing a plan for yourself or for a loved one. 

The standardised price list provided by our funeral directors is available to download below. However, if you have any further questions on pricing, don’t hesitate to contact your local Heart of England Co-op Funeral home by email or phone.

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Attended Funerals Price List

An attended funeral is where the family and friends have a ceremony, event or service for the deceased person at the same time as they attend their burial or cremation. The price list for this service is as follows (please note that these prices only include the funeral directors charges and should be used as a guide):

Taking care of all necessary legal and administrative arrangements£1,025
Collecting and transporting the deceased person from the place of death (normally within 15 miles of the funeral director’s premises) into the funeral director’s care£260
Care of the deceased person before the funeral in appropriate facilities. The deceased person will be kept at the funeral director’s branch premises£160
Providing a suitable coffin – this will be made from MDF with a mahogany veneer£270
Viewing of the deceased person for family and friends, by appointment with the funeral director (where viewing is requested by the customer)£20
At a date and time you agree with the funeral director, taking the deceased person direct to the agreed cemetery or crematorium (normally within 20 miles of the funeral director’s premises) in a hearse or other appropriate vehicle£570

Unattended Funerals Price List

The price list below applies to a funeral where family and friends may choose to have a ceremony, event or service for the deceased person separately, but they do not attend the cremation itself.

Heart of England Unattended Funeral£2,400
Unattended Funeral (funeral director’s charges plus the cremation fee) 2£1,700

Funeral Fees

The costs listed in the standardised price list below are some of the fees you may need to pay, please discuss any specific religious, belief based and/or cultural requirements that you may have with the funeral director prior to the service.

For an Attended or Unattended burial funeral, the burial fee.1
Typical cost of the burial fee for residents of this local area.
For a new grave, you will also need to pay for the plot; for an existing grave with a memorial in place, you may need to pay a removal/replacement fee. In addition, the cemetery may charge a number of other fees.
For an Attended cremation funeral, the cremation fee.2
Typical cost of a cremation for local residents in this local area.
£1000 -£1,290

Additional Funeral Director Prices

We, as the funeral director, may be able to supply a number of optional, additional products or services. Examples of these products and services and indicative pricing include:

Additional mileage (price per mile)£2.00
Additional transfers of the deceased person’s body (e.g. to their home, to a place of worship etc.) (price per transfer)Not offered
Collection and delivery of ashesNot offered
Funeral officiant (e.g. celebrant, minister of religion etc.)Prices on request
Services supplied outside of normal office hoursNot offered

We can provide you with a comprehensive price list that includes the costs associated with many of our services and products. Your Heart of England funeral director is likely to charge for any additional products and services, which means that you may choose to take care of some of the necessary funeral arrangements without their involvement, however having things handled in one central place can make things simpler for you.

Crematorium Price Information

Below is a list of crematoriums within the Heart of England Co-op Funerals trading area and their prices.

Crematorium NameStandard attended (Monday to Friday)Reduced attended (Monday to Friday)Unattended (Monday to Friday)
Banbury crematorium, Banbury (as at April 2023)£1,050£750 (9.00am only)£475
Canley crematorium, Coventry (as at November 2023)£1,143£790 (9:00am, 9:15 & 9:45am)£690
Counties crematorium, Milton Malsor (as at February 2024)£1,290£999 (9.30am only)£510
Crownhill crematorium, Milton Keynes (as at April 2024)£1,078N/A£504
Gilroes crematorium, Leicester (as at April 2024)£1,040£785 (8:30am, 9, 9:30 & 10am)£470
Heart of England crematorium, Nuneaton (as of February 2024)£1,270£1004 (9:30am & 5pm)£550
Loughborough crematorium, Loughborough (as at July 2023)£1,130£880 (9:30am only)£499
Oakley Wood crematorium, Leamington Spa (as at January 2024)£1,050N/A£500
Rainsbrook crematorium, Rugby (as at April 2024)£1,025£660 (8:30am & 9 am only)£610
South Leicestershire crematorium, Countesthorpe (as at May 2023)£1,075 – £1,125£880 (9am, 9:30, 10, 10:30 am)£480

Heart of England Funeral Prices Terms & Conditions

For Unattended funerals, we require payment in full, within five working days of the funeral taking place. The funeral will not be able to take place until this amount is paid in full. The Unattended funeral is a direct disposition and as such this is not a traditional style funeral service, there is no ceremonial service, and no mourners can attend. The cremation will be arranged at a local or designated crematorium of our choosing at a day and time that is most convenient to us within 14 days of completion of all the necessary paperwork. Afterwhich the cremated remains will be available from your chosen funeral home within 21 days of the service.

Attended Funerals require a minimum of a 50% deposit of the estimated costs paid within five working days of the funeral being arranged. The funeral will not be able to take place until this deposit amount is paid. Our invoice for the outstanding balance will be sent out two days after the funeral service and is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

Failure to pay the outstanding amount due within the specified timeframe will lead to an interest charge of 4% per month and any associated debt recovery costs being added to the account in line with our Terms & Conditions.

Disclosure of Interests

Heart of England Co-op Funerals is a trading name of the Heart of England Co-operative Society Ltd. We are an independent regional co-operative business, owned and run by our members.

We have no ownership or business interests in any Funeral Director price comparison websites. As a community-based business, we support and sponsor a significant number of local charities and organisations through our ‘Helping Hearts’ scheme, details of which we hold in a register which is freely available for inspection.