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Whether you’re looking for a traditional hearse or a more unique form of transport, we offer a wide range of funeral vehicle options to help give you or your loved one a meaningful send off. If you’re in the process of making this choice, read through our helpful guide to funeral vehicles to learn about the different options we have available and their prices, or speak to your local Heart of England funeral home team today.

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What is a funeral car?

A funeral car, which is most traditionally a hearse, is used to transport the coffin or casket of the deceased to the church, chapel, cemetery or crematorium, where a service is usually held for those in attendance. There are a number of different funeral car or hearse alternatives available which can be hired for your or your loved one’s funeral, and many choose to select something which reflects their life to make their final journey more personal.

The vehicle, or hearse, generally sets off from the home of the deceased, with close friends and family members usually part of the procession in a limousine behind the hearse. Others attending the funeral generally take their own cars and meet the procession where the funeral is taking place. 

Common procession considerations:

When deciding on your preferred funeral vehicle of choice, there are a few points that we would recommend considering ahead of the funeral to help the day run as smoothly as possible for both you and your loved ones. These will generally include the following:

How much is a funeral car to hire?

Here at the Heart of England, we have a number of funeral vehicles available at different price points, so there will be a range to choose from depending on your own preferences and budget. 

Our custom built Mercedes Benz E-class hearse starts from £550  if going directly to the cemetery or crematorium, and our Mercedes Benz Limousines are from £200 each.

Other hearses such as VW, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Truck, Bus, Horse drawn and various Motorbike hearses are also available with prices starting from £875 upwards.

There are also some additional costs associated with floral hearses which we require when proving Horse Drawn hearses and weekend/bank holiday funeral supplements that may be worth bearing in mind. 

What are the different kinds of funeral vehicle?

At the Heart of England, we pride ourselves in creating a service that is unique to each individual. Whether you or your loved one’s wishes are to have a traditional funeral with a standard hearse, or a more bespoke send-off with an alternative hearse, we’re here to facilitate those wishes. This could include anything from a horse-drawn carriage to a motorbike or even a double decker bus. We have a versatile range of vehicles available to hire out for your service. These include:

Classic vehicles and hearses

Hearse alternatives

If you’re looking to find out more about the funeral car options at the Heart of England, find out more about our funeral hearses and other vehicles in our brochure. Choose from a range of vehicles to suit you or your loved ones preferences, or speak to your local funeral home team.

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