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Our memorial masonry and headstones collection includes a wide range of options. This enables you to choose a memorial that feels suited to you or your loved one. Our masonry and headstones are made to the highest standards, crafted with exceptional quality and care, and are suitable for cemeteries and churchyards* (*some churchyard exceptions may apply).

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Advice on choosing a memorial headstone

From regulations to materials, inscriptions and maintenance, there are many things to consider when choosing the right memorial headstone. Follow our guidance below on the different points to consider and find out how to choose the best memorial headstone for you.


Regulations around headstones can vary depending on which churchyard or cemetery the memorial will be situated in. These regulations are set to govern the size of the memorials used, as well as the materials and designs. This is why you need to take these into consideration when you’re deciding on a suitable memorial headstone. Please speak to us directly for advice on the specific regulations of your chosen cemetery.


Our brochure provides examples of granites, marble and other natural stones. Something that is important to note, before making a decision on the material you would like to use for your memorial headstone, is that these all hold different properties. For example, Granite will weather better over time compared to sandstone, however some granites are more porous than others and may become darker when wet, while marble can be more susceptible to staining under certain circumstances. We can offer guidance on all of the above materials and their suitability depending on the needs of you and your family.


You can browse through our different lettering options in our above brochure. The use of gold leaf for the inscription is quite common, however painted letters, raised or flush lead are also options to consider depending on your favoured style. The information available on our website, combined with expert advice from the staff at your local funeral home, ensure that you fully understand the choices available to you.


Understanding the maintenance that different materials will require can help you make the right choice at the beginning of the process. This can also help to ensure that your memorial will stay in the best possible condition over the coming years. Please ask us about this aspect of your memorial so that we can give you advice specific to your needs.

How much does a headstone cost in the UK?

Another important point to consider when choosing a memorial headstone is the pricing. Though prices can vary between providers, if you’re looking to compare our prices with others, it’s best to view our comprehensive memorial headstone price list at the top of the page for more information. This is because prices can vary depending on the quality, size and shape of the headstone you’re looking for.

Memorial Masonry

Your needs are as unique as the person’s life you are commemorating. The expert advice and guidance of our experienced funeral directors at your local funeral home will help you to make the choices that are right for you or your loved ones.

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