Arranging a Funeral: Your Options

Arranging a funeral while you’re grieving the loss of a loved one can be a difficult and emotional time. That’s why we’re here to make this process as smooth as possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide comprehensive information and support when it’s needed. Compare the different funeral options below, or contact your local funeral home today.

Heart of England Co-op Funerals has been providing clients and their loved ones with the highest levels of personal service, respect and dignity since it was founded in 1832.

Important tip: If someone has died and you have not already arranged for them to be taken into our care, or registered their death, you will need to do this as soon as possible. Our detailed guide below outlines how to do this, and takes you through what you will need to take before you start planning the funeral.

What To Do When Someone Dies

Compare funeral options

From the different types of funerals, to coffins, tributes, vehicles, finishing touches and more, compare the different funeral options available at Heart of England and find the best option. After all, we’re proud to help and support you in organising a personalised funeral service.

Types of Funeral

A funeral gives friends and relatives the opportunity to say their final goodbyes and allows their loved one’s memory to live on. There are different types of funerals and rituals that can vary depending on the decision and beliefs of the individual and their family, and the first choice most people have to make is whether or not they want to be buried or cremated. Which one you choose, either for yourself for the future, or on behalf of the deceased, should reflect your personal beliefs. Read more about what each method of being put to rest includes on our burial or cremation page.

Attended or unattended?

There are two kinds of funeral: attended and unattended. Although attended funerals tend to be the most common option of the two, we would recommend taking the time to evaluate both to help you decide on the best option for you or your family member. To help you, we’ve provided a comprehensive overview on what to expect over on our attended or unattended funerals page.

Funeral Coffins & Caskets

Choosing a coffin or casket is an important step to consider when organising a funeral. From traditional coffins to environmentally sustainable and custom picture options, we aim to provide a bespoke coffin that will accurately reflect and celebrate the life of your loved one. Read our information on coffins and caskets and choose a material, style and design to suit your individual preferences.

Funeral Flowers

Floral tributes are the perfect way to add a meaningful touch to you or your loved ones funeral service. Whether you’re looking for a floral arrangement for a hearse, coffin, or to place on display for the funeral, we can help you make an informed decision on the best funeral flowers through our complete floral tributes guide.

Funeral Vehicles

Whether you’re looking for a traditional hearse, or a unique funeral vehicle, we offer a number of  alternatives. From considering who will be part of the funeral procession to where it will begin, there are multiple things to consider before hiring your vehicle of choice. Read our page discussing the types of funeral vehicle options available for more information.

Funeral Stationery & Keepsakes

If you’re looking for an order of service booklet, or to provide funeral attendees with a memoir or keepsake to take home, our custom collection of funeral stationery adds a meaningful touch to the service, browse our funeral stationery and keepsakes page.

Music and Eulogies

From helping you find a piece of music that represents yours or your loved one’s life, personality and character, to helping you find the words to describe them in their eulogy, we can assist in deciding on the elements that make a funeral service truly special. Designed to give you a guiding nudge in the right direction, our funeral music and eulogies guide includes recommendations and prompts to inspire.

Finishing Touches and Catering

Give your loved one a meaningful send off and let their memory live on with our finishing touches, from symbolic gestures, including doves, to more cultural traditions, such as bagpipes, read more about our funeral finishing touches.

Costs & Finance

Whether you’re looking to evaluate your options through comparing the different funeral plans, or you would like to read more about individual costs, browse our comprehensive funeral price lists and brochures. Once you have read this information, get a further indication of pricing by contacting your local funeral home or simply enter your choices into our funeral cost calculator.

If you’ve considered the different funeral options, or would prefer us to guide you through this process, contact your local funeral home. Alternatively, browse our pre-paid funeral plans or pre-paid direct funeral plans, or compare the two options to decide which is the best for you

At the time of the funeral

There are lots of choices to take into consideration and many personal decisions to be made regarding funeral finances. Our standardised price list and funeral cost calculator will aid you in making the right decisions for you and your family.

Our Price Lists

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

A pre-paid funeral plan will offer a helping hand during a difficult time. Having a plan in place for when the time comes will make planning the funeral easier for you and your loved ones.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans