Pre-Paid Direct Funeral Plans

If you wish to have an unattended funeral when you pass, we can help you put in place a prepaid plan so that you can ensure direct burial or cremation will take place when the time comes.

Traditional funerals tend to vary greatly in cost depending on when the funeral takes place, therefore choosing a prepaid plan allows you to control the cost of the funeral so that your loved ones are not left with any financial burdens. A direct cremation or burial without a memorial service can be agreed upon between you and a funeral director in preparation for when you pass.

An unattended funeral is often cheaper than an attended funeral as it does not include many third party costs such as minister or celebrant hire, flowers, transportation, etc. A meeting between you and your funeral director should discuss what kind of unattended funeral you wish to have and a detailed price breakdown of what services exactly the pre-payment will cover.

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