Memorial ideas for those who have been cremated 

Here at Heart of England Co-op Funerals, we understand that losing a loved one, whether that be a family member or a friend, can be an incredibly difficult thing to go through. From the initial shock of loss to the grieving process and the period of readjustment that follows, dealing with a loss looks different for everyone. However, one of the things that can help make handling grief easier is having something to remember your loved one by. 

If your loved one has opted for a cremation instead of a burial and you’re searching for a unique way to remember them, there are many different ways you can memorialise their ashes. Below, we have put together a number of unique memorial ideas that can help you create a reminder of a special person you have lost.

How do you memorialise someone who is cremated?

Whether you choose to have a physical memento of your loved one to keep close by at all times, or dedicate a specific place that you can visit and pay your respects, any memorial idea can help fill the gap left behind when your loved one passes. 

A memorial bench 

Most memorial benches come with an accompanying plaque and are placed in a particular spot that was special to the person being remembered, such as your home, in a park or by the beach. These benches are a great memorial option for those who have been cremated as it offers a comforting place for loved ones to come and remember.

It’s important to remember that the purchase of a memorial bench may require permission if it is placed anywhere other than on your own property.  If you choose to put a memorial bench in privately owned places such as the National Trust, they have a process in place to arrange for a memorial bench.

A memorial urn

One of the most traditional ways to memorialise those who have opted for cremation is by retaining their ashes in a decorative urn. These urns can then be displayed in your home as a way to feel like their loved ones are still a part of your life. An urn can also be moved around so if you move you can keep your loved one close by without worrying about travelling to visit a grave.

There are many different options for memorial urns to choose from and you may wish to purchase multiple smaller urns so that other members of the family can keep a memory of their loved one close by.

Plant a tree in memory 

For those who are more environmentally conscious, planting a tree in memory of a loved one is a nice way to create a lasting memorial that people will be able to visit for many years to come. There is also the option to add a small plaque next to a tree to let others know that it has been planted in someone’s memory. You may also consider spreading some of the ashes into the soil when planting a memorial tree as a way to let your loved one become part of the earth again, giving the tree more meaning when watching it grow.

It’s important to remember you may need permission to plant a tree on both public and private land.  

A memorial plaque 

If your loved one opted for cremation over burial, they can still have the option to have a plaque so that there is a physical location that can be visited. Many of our local crematoriums have memorial gardens where plaques or markers can be erected in their name. 

A charitable donation

Doing something to help others in memory of someone is a popular inclusion in many people’s final wishes. Those who have passed on may wish to be remembered for doing something good and so leave money to a particular charity, where surviving friends and family members may also wish to contribute in their memory too. In most cases, the chosen charity will likely honour this selfless act with a special mention to the deceased by displaying it in their publications or creating something physical that can be visited in the future.

Create a memorial scrapbook or keepsake box

Sorting through the belongings of the person who has passed can be an emotionally difficult time, however, it may also be a good chance to consider creating a scrapbook or keepsake box as a way to remember them. This may include things like old photographs, souvenirs, tickets and small decorative items that can be collected and put together in one place to be shared with other family members and passed down through generations to remember those you miss.

A memorial photo frame

Creating a lasting memorial can also be as simple as choosing your favourite photograph of a loved one and getting it framed to display in your home. You may choose to place it next to an urn or simply on its own as a daily reminder of those passed. Choose a photograph taken on a particularly memorable day or one that also includes other special people so that you have a constant happy reminder of them. This photograph can also be handed out to other family members if you wish, or printed into smaller pictures to keep with you in your wallet so that your loved one is always with you.

Choose a special location

Creating a memorial can also be as simple as picking a special location that has meaning to your loved one or even a peaceful spot with a nice view, where friends and family can go to visit and remember them. This could be a local beach, park or lake where you can sit and reflect on the memories you have with those passed and if given permission, you may also spread some of their ashes in this location too.

Remember that a memorial doesn’t always have to be physical, there are many ways to remember a loved one and keep them in your thoughts without having a physical reminder. The memories we have of a loved one can often be just as effective a reminder and can leave a lasting impression. Although memories may fade over time, by choosing to write them down in a private diary or discuss them with someone close to you, you can make the memory of your loved one last forever.

Commemorate a loved one with Heart of England

It’s important to remember that a memorial should be personal to you and your loved one’s family, therefore you should choose what aligns best with you, using our ideas above as inspiration. If you’re curious about other ways you can commemorate a loved one, or you’re in need of more information on cremation, head over to our blog on ‘what to do with ashes after cremation’