After Death Checklist: What to do when someone dies

There is so much to remember at the saddest time when there is a death of a loved one or family member, which is undoubtedly one of the most heart-breaking and stressful experiences in life.

If the experience doesn’t leave us drained and vulnerable enough, there is a whole host of necessary tasks we need to face in the aftermath of a painful loss.

The responsibilities go much further than arranging the funeral – from notifying the family doctor to cancelling subscriptions – there is a whole array of actions that need to be sorted out in order to avoid problems in the future.

Coming at a time when we are feeling at our most fragile, and arguably when we are not thinking as clearly as usual, making our way through these tasks – which in most cases none of us would have had to face before – can be overwhelming. Making a list of actions, indeed a checklist, is a priority.

At The Co-operative Funerals we make it our responsibility to take the pressure off the family – not just on the day of the funeral, but from our very first meeting with the deceased’s close relatives, right through to after the funeral service.

Client families can seek advice and information from our highly trained and experienced staff.

They can also benefit from wide ranging information on our website and on our dedicated app which is suitable for all smart phones and tablets.
One of the most popular features on our app is our after death checklist ‘To do list’ which covers all the factors that need taking care of in the event of a loved one’s death.

These are:

  • Notify the family doctor
  • Register the death
  • Begin funeral arrangements
  • Obtain a copy of the will
  • Contact pension providers
  • Notify relevant benefit offices (social services, tax office, etc)
  • Notify banks, building societies and other financial institutions
  • Notify the council (re council tax etc)
  • Notify the utility companies (electricity, gas, water, etc)
  • Cancel memberships (library, gym, clubs, etc)
  • Cancel subscriptions (charities, magazines, etc)
  • Notify DVLA (re driving licence etc)
  • Notify employer
  • Notify insurance companies (re car, travel and other policies)
  • Inform investment companies / deal with shares
  • Update health professionals (dentists, opticians, therapists, private medical cover, etc)

Darryl Smith, General Manager of the Heart of England Co-operative Society’s Funeral Division, said: “It may seem almost clinical to create a list at such a difficult, emotional time. However, many people may find it a comfort in the knowledge they have covered everything to make the funeral a fitting farewell to their loved one.”