What to do with Ashes after Cremation

After a cremation, families are still left to decide what to do with their loved one’s ashes.  A lot of thought and planning goes into the funeral service itself, but many people aren’t aware of the options surrounding what comes next.

Some people deal with it straight away, whilst others wait for many months, even years before they decide what to do.

Traditionally, ashes would be scattered in a favourite place or garden of remembrance but today, there are any number of options.

First things first

It’s important to obey the law.  Whilst there are no strict guidelines on where you can scatter ashes, over either land or water, there are a couple of rules.  You must ask permission of any landowner.  You can’t just march onto the putting green whenever you like.  You are permitted to scatter them in certain waters, but please make sure that everything is 100% biodegradable when you do.

These are some of our favourite ways that clients have chosen to say goodbye

Beautiful jewellery

Keep your loved ones close to you with beautiful memorial jewellery which can be worn every day.  We work with jewellery makes creating lockets, beads, rings and necklaces which all contain some of the ashes.  The beauty of this is that every member of the family can have one, even if they live half way around the world.


If jewellery doesn’t appeal, you can also have ashes set into glass, be it a paperweight, ornament or keepsake.  A small amount of ashes are added to molten glass, which is then formed into objects which can be handed down through generations.

We have a variety of these on display in our funeral homes for you to see.

Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend

You can even have your precious loved one turned into a sparkling diamond. 

Diamonds are made of pure carbon, and can be created from the carbon contained in the ashes.  Intense pressure is applied and, within a few months, your diamond is formed.

Prices vary, according to size, colour and cut.  Your diamond can then be set in the jewellery or setting of your choice.

Go out with a bang

What better way to celebrate life than with a glorious firework display.  There are a number of specialist companies that will create a dramatic display of fireworks from cremation ashes. 

Perfect for anyone who loved the glitter and drama of life

Let them grow

Many people are mindful of their effect on the earth, and the legacy they want to leave behind.  For many people, tree planting has a symbolic importance, or nourishing new life, and can also provide a focal point for people to visit instead of a traditional headstone.

There are many memorial forests and special places where you can dedicate a tree, and leave ashes.  Or you could choose a family garden.  Biodegradable urns are now widely available, meaning that every part goes back to the land.

 All at sea

Many people light-heartedly say they would like to be buried at sea.  However it’s more possible than you think. 

There are many vessels available that allow you to place the ashes inside and float out into the open water.  They are fully biodegradable so there is no need to worry about the impact on marine life.  A floating turtle was used by one of our recent families, which created a moving and beautiful ceremony.

You can even go full Viking, with a wicker Viking ship, which can set full sail into the open water, set a flame for a dramatic send off.

There are many, many more ideas to choose from, and an infinite number of places for your loved one to be scattered.

Our colleagues are here to guide you in your choices and prepare the ashes.    If you still have your loved ones ashes and would like to arrange something for them, get in touch with your local funeral home and we would be happy to help.