Funeral Choices

Funeral Choices

There are many options and choices available when arranging a funeral, we are here to help you by explaining those choices and giving you the information you need to make an informed decision about what is right for you and your loved one.

Our Charges

The cost of a funeral is made up of two distinct elements. Our charges relate to the goods and services provided by the funeral director such as the professional services fee. The second part are called Disbursements and these are the third party fees the funeral director will pay on behalf of the client such as the crematorium or cemetery fees. View Our Charges

Personalising the funeral

Many of our families want to have a funeral that is personalised and reflects the character of the person that has passed away, that is why we are always on hand to offer guidance on the many ways we can make the funeral unique to the person that has died. Find out more

Selecting a coffin or casket

We supply a wide range of coffins and caskets, from the most simple to the truly elaborate, suitable for burial or cremation. We recognise that for some people choosing a coffin may be distressing, but it would be inappropriate for us to make that decision for you.

Floral Tributes

Our range of tributes includes a wide selection of bouquets, wreaths and sprays through to many coffin tributes and specialist designs. We are able to provide any type of tribute you may want and if you prefer you can choose alternative colour or flowers to those shown in our brochure.

Memorial Website

We provide all of our client families with a free memorial website where you can create a special and lasting memorial that includes photographs, personal messages and virtual memorial candles. Please follow the link at the bottom of this page to view the memorial website.


There are three options available for charitable giving. You can give online for free through our Memorial Website where the donation will benefit from gift aid, or for a small fee we offer a donation tube to be used on the day of the funeral, or we can organise the full management of the donations.


You may wish to offer guests refreshments after the funeral. You will need to decide: • The number of guests. • The caterer. • The venue. • The type of food and drink to be served. Once these decisions have been made, we will be happy to make the arrangements for you.

Basic Funeral

We understand that some families may wish for a “no frills” or simple funeral service, this may be due to financial constraints or to meet a specific request. This is why we offer a 'Attended Funeral' from £2,000 plus disbursements and an 'Unattended funeral' which is a direct cremation option priced at £1,400 fully inclusive, or a direct Burial at £850 plus third-party fees for the cemetery.


A friend or relative may wish to say a few words during the service about the person who has died; this is called a eulogy. You can prepare this yourself, or you may prefer a favourite poem or other reading.


You will need to consider the following: • Whether you would prefer a motor or horse drawn hearse. • How many limousines will be needed (most can carry six people). • Where the cortege will leave from. • Where you will return to. • Whether you require wheelchair access.

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